GAMESS-UK may be used for a variety of types of investigations including:

  • Theoretical studies of reaction surfaces; SCF, MCSCF and correlated second-order Moller Plesset (MP2) calculations of equilibrium and transition structure geometries, and the evaluation of force constants and vibrational frequencies at these stationary points.
  • Energy assignments in the entire field of electronic spectroscopy; calculation of IR and Raman intensities, together with the spectroscopic properties of highly excited molecular and ionic states; evaluation of transition moments.
  • Graphical and numerical analysis of Hartree-Fock and correlated wavefunctions.
  • Generation of zero-order wavefunctions required in the more extensive treatments of dynamical correlation energy. Applicability to general systems with many electrons in this treatment of dynamical correlation energy, through configuration interaction (MR-DCI and Full-CI) and coupled cluster calculations.
  • Theoretical mechanistic studies of chemisorption in heterogeneous catalysis.
  • Reaction field studies of solvation effects.
  • Treatment of bio-organic and related molecules through Direct-SCF and Direct-MP2 calculations and electrostatic potential analysis.

Some Examples of Applications

Recent Examples:

Older Examples: