CFS was founded in the UK in 1992 by an international consortium of established academic and industrial figures in the area of molecular electronic structure and modelling, Drs. M.F. Guest, J.H. van Lenthe, J. Kendrick, and K. Schoeffel. For more information about the founders, as well as details of other company members and contributors to GAMESS-UK, please visit the Who's Who page.

As part of its activities, CFS has been granted an exclusive licence to market the GAMESS-UK code and related products, with a view to generating income dedicated to the upkeep, development and maintenance of the software. This has provided for a CFS Support Scientist who is responsible for many of these tasks and acts as the established point of contact with the user community (see below).

A licence to run the GAMESS-UK program for non-commercial research can be provided to individual research groups, to research institutions, or to computer centres. In all cases, the licence normally specifically excludes any commercial use of the program. In order to support the ongoing process of method and code development, a nominal service charge is typically requested for the supply of the software to academic groups outside of the UK. This charge is used exclusively for the on-going support and development of the code, and no personal profits are made by any of the authors.

By collaborating with both academia and industry CFS is targeting key areas which emphasize the computational requirements of 'Grand Challenge' projects. In particular, the development of combined QM/MM methodologies and the exploitation of massively parallel architectures will allow GAMESS-UK to simulate chemical systems involving several thousands of atoms, enabling the study of many complex chemical phenomena at a molecular level.

Academic and Industrial organisations interested in gaining access to GAMESS-UK should contact CFS using the details listed on the How to contact CFS page.