A forum and two email lists are presently available as part of the support provided for GAMESS-UK users, and those interested in learning more about the code.

  • Users interested in aquiring a copy of GAMESS-UK, or general inquires regarding licencing of the code etc. should be addressed in the first instance to:
  • gamess_uk_contact@daresbury.ac.uk.

  • For queries regarding the usage of the code, and any problems and errors encountered whilst using GAMESS-UK, please use the gamess_uk_users mailing list. When sending any enquiries to the list, please include as much information as possible, including the output of the job and information about the machine that you are running GAMESS-UK on.
  • There is a discussion forum dedicated to the interface between the CHARMM code and GAMESS-UK on the CHARMM forums.